Who wants to pay full price when you can get the same thing at a discount?

 Young Living has several options to help you get started and snag the best deal possible. 

Even if you already have your own Young Living account, there are still some money-saving tricks you need to know!



This is good for casual shoppers who wants just one or two products here and there.  This allows you to shop all 12 product lines at Retail pricing.


This is good for folks who like to save money. This also allows you to SAVE up to 24% when you place one item on Subscribe. Change your order each month get only what you want when you want it. Cancel anytime. 


This is the option most of our customers choose.  This allows you to SAVE up to 60% by opening an account with one of our Starter Bundles.  You will also save up to 24% off on any future orders. PLUS you can earn up to 25% back in free products.