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Introducing Tina - The Homeschool Mom, and Marvin - The Truck Driver: Young Living's Transformational Journey

Meet Tina and Marvin, an extraordinary couple who have truly embraced the Young Living lifestyle to turn their lives around and create a healthier and happier home for themselves and their loved ones. As devoted parents of two beautiful daughters and proud grandparents, they are a shining example of how Young Living can transform lives in the most unexpected ways.

Tina, a passionate homeschool mom, has always been dedicated to providing the best education and environment for her children. However, she found herself struggling with low energy levels and occasional stress, which affected her ability to fully immerse herself in teaching and nurturing her family. That's when Young Living entered their lives like a breath of fresh air.

Marvin, a hardworking truck driver, spends long hours on the road, facing the challenges of a demanding schedule and often exposing himself to environmental stressors. This lifestyle took a toll on his overall well-being, leaving him feeling exhausted and unable to fully enjoy quality time with his family. It was during a life-changing mission trip that their story took an unexpected turn.

Through the encouragement of friends, Tina and Marvin experienced the power of Young Living's essential oils and wellness products firsthand. Introduced to the incredible benefits of these natural treasures, they discovered a new world of possibilities to support their physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Inspired by the newfound vitality, Tina and Marvin decided to make a lifestyle shift and fully embrace Young Living's holistic approach. They transformed their home into an oasis of well-being, incorporating essential oils into their daily routines, homeschooling curriculum, and family activities. Each day became an opportunity to nurture themselves and their loved ones, helping them thrive in every aspect of life.

With Tina's unwavering commitment to her children's education and Marvin's dedication to providing for his family, they have successfully integrated Young Living's products into their lives. Today, they continue to create a nurturing environment where well-being and education are encouraged.

Tina and Marvin's journey with Young Living is a testament to how a simple introduction can lead to profound transformations. Whether you are a homeschool mom, a busy professional, or simply seeking a healthier way of living, Young Living offers a gateway towards a more fulfilling and empowered life.

Join Tina, Marvin, and countless others who have experienced the extraordinary benefits of Young Living. Together, let's create a ripple effect of positive change for ourselves, our families, and our communities.

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 Oils & Animals

Oils & Animals

Do you love oils but wonder if they're safe for your pets and animal friends? Do you have questions about how to use your wellness toolbox to help every member of your family, even the ones with fur or feathers? Join us for an Oils & Animals class that can teach you to confidently help your pets and even farm animals with our amazing oils!

Join us on Zoom as we share what works, how we've seen our animals' health shift, and answer your questions!

Register below to get Zoom Access


 August Aroma Fiesta Night

August Aroma Fiesta Night

Every month, our amazing community of essential oil and supplement lovers gathers to share heartfelt testimonials, laughter, learning, and of course, delicious food! 🌿✨

We're so excited to invite YOU to join our next get-together! Bring a friend, or two, or three… After all, the more, the merrier! We can’t wait to fill the room with joy, fun, laughter, and insightful discussions. Come ready to share your favorite tips and tricks for using Young Living oils and supplements – we all have so much to learn from each other!

Mark your calendars and RSVP now through the "Registration" button below so we can send you friendly reminders and make sure we have enough goodies and handouts for everyone.

Let's make this event one to remember! We can't wait to see you there!


 SAVE THE DATE  for our Fall Wood Flower Workshop

SAVE THE DATE for our Fall Wood Flower Workshop

SAVE THE DATE for our Fall Wood Flower Workshop 

Register below for more information as when we get closer to time for our Fall Wood Flower Workshop. 


 SAVE THE DATE for our Winter Wood Flower Workshop

SAVE THE DATE for our Winter Wood Flower Workshop

SAVE THE DATE for our Winter Wood Flower Workshop 

Register below for more information as when we get closer to time for our Fall Wood Flower Workshop. 


Live a Life of Wellness

Why Us?

We are very diligent about our protection of earth and its citizens. We hold the highest standards for our essential oil production process, bringing the world the finest products available. From the seed of the plant to the seal on the bottle, our high standards are integral with who we are.

Featured Wellness Products

What's not in our products is just as important as what is.
Choose products free of harmful chemicals, sulfates, toxins, synthetic dyes,
artificial flavors, and artificial preservatives and experience the difference for yourself.

Protein Supplement

25g of protein per serving and rich flavors unlike any other, our protein supplement is sure to satisfy.

Cognitive Support

Support normal cognitive health with a blend of Peruvian sacha inchi seed oil, fruit juices, turmeric, and essential oils.

Premium Multivitamins

The finest vitamins and minerals for excellent overall body system support.

Ionic Minerals

Support your body's normal mineral levels with this spicy-flavored essential oil infused ionic mineral blend.

B Vitamins

Boost your energy with a complete lineup of top quality B vitamins.

Alertness Support Drink

Support your alertness with this delicious eye-opening beverage.

Pain Relief Cream

Wintergreen and peppermint essential oils combine with other ingredients in this over-the-counter formulation.

Weight Management Goals

Citrus, ocotea, and spearmint essential oils form this blend in support of healthful weight management targets.*

Bone & Joint Supplement

Supports and protects joint and cartilage health.*

Natural Water Flavoring

Hydrate naturally without sugar or artificial colors in several delicious flavors.


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Chest Rub

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Support your body the natural way with this all-natural, over-the-counter, maximum strength cough suppressant and topical analgesic ointment.

Mineral Sunscreen Lotion

Learn More
Protect your skin without chemicals with this all natural formula. Available in SPF 10 and SPF 50!

Baby Care

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Baby wash & shampoo, baby lotion, baby wipes, diaper rash cream, baby oil, and linen spray.

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Live a healthy, purposeful life, rich in abundance.

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We are more than just the world's best essential oils. We go beyond green to help you create a healthy, healing home environment.

From effective, safe home cleaners to pet care, multivitamins to weight management, oral care to hair care, body care, and kids care, to antioxidant support and more, we offer solutions to help you live naturally.

Ordering online is fast and easy and the product ships right to your door. We are your online store for living a healthy, toxin-free lifestyle.

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A note from Mama Bear ...

Monarch Butterfly 🦋

Monarch Butterfly 🦋

Essential oils and back to school: Making new routines a breeze

After summer’s free-for-all, returning to a set back-to-school routine of bedtimes, alarm clocks, bustling morning checklists, and getting out the door on time can be both a comfort and a challenge. To make this seasonal switch easier, we put together a few simple tips to help you get ready for that first day of [...]

Quiz: Find your animal alter-ego (and the essential oil it needs)

Quiz: Find your animal alter-ego (and the essential oil it needs)

Mild or wild? Calculating or carefree? Take our quiz to discover your animal alter ego and determine which essential oil it needs most. 



Grab your furry BFF and get comfy—we’re about to share the ultimate guide on essential oils for dogs


Whether they bark, purr, chirp, or hiss, animals can benefit from the power of essential oils! But there are a few things you need to know first. 


How to Host NingXia Red Bar at Your Holiday Party

Give your holiday party an essential oil-infused twist by hosting a NingXia Red® bar! This is a great way to introduce your friends and family to some of Young Living’s member-favorite products in a casual setting. When you’re hosting a party for the holidays, setting up a NingXia Red bar is a delicious addition to any gathering.

NingXia Red Bar Necessities

Prepare Your Table
One key to success is to clearly label all of your offerings. Not only are placards an easy and informative addition, they are also a great way to start a conversation! For your NingXia Red bar, try grouping select essential oils in front of an instructional sign so your guests can help themselves!
Get your free printable signs to complete your NingXia Red bar and be sure to display a few take-home recipe cards for your guests, too! Click here to download the printable sign and take-home cards.

Make it Your Own!
Make sure to put your personal twist on your party! You can change up the decorations, make your own essential oil blends, or find unique ways to share your favorite products. Want to include a NingXia Bar with your make-and-take party? Check out more ideas in our How to Host a Young Living Make-and-Take Party blog post. We wish you happy holidays and hope that your NingXia Red bar will be a great success!
How to Host a NingXia Red Bar Party - Young Living


If you love breaking out the grill, then summer is definitely your season! Whether you’re making tasty chicken-veggie kabobs or juicy chicken sandwiches, these fresh summer marinades will give your next barbecue an essential oil zing that you—and your guests—will love!
Each marinade recipe is sufficient for 1–2 lbs. of meat or your protein of choice.




  • Combine all ingredients and pour over chicken in a shallow glass bowl or baking pan.
  • Cover and refrigerate for 1–4 hours before grilling.
  • Discard marinade after use.




  • Combine all ingredients and pour over chicken in a shallow glass bowl or baking pan.
  • Cover and refrigerate for 1–4 hours before grilling.
  • Discard marinade after use.



  • 3/4 cup olive or other oil
  • ½ cup soy sauce
  • ½ teaspoon ground mustard
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • ½ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper


  • Combine all ingredients and pour over chicken in a shallow glass bowl or baking pan.
  • Cover and refrigerate for 1–4 hours before grilling.
  • Discard marinade after use.
Do you use Vitality essential oils when you marinade? Share your secret recipes with us in the comments!

Beauty from the inside out: The benefits of Inner Beauty Collagen

Beauty from the inside out: The benefits of Inner Beauty Collagen

Beauty from the inside out: The benefits of Inner Beauty Collagen

They say it’s the beauty on the inside that counts, but what if you could bring out your inner glow with a simple glass of water? Young Living’s new Inner Beauty Collagen maximizes the appearance of youthful-looking skin by delivering high-quality collagen to the body. A simple powder you can mix into your glass of water, this new skin care staple goes down easy! Show off that youthful glow everywhere you go with Inner Beauty Collagen.

What makes Inner Beauty Collagen different?

Like all Young Living products, we source only the highest-quality ingredients to ensure a clean and natural experience for both you and Mother Earth.

Young Living’s Inner Beauty Collagen contains five grams of premium marine collagen per serving. By utilizing collagen, ceramides, biotin, hyaluronic acid, and antioxidants, this natural formula enhances beauty without compromising your standards.

Inner Beauty Collagen is made up of type 1 marine collagen, a highly soluble form of bioavailable type 1 collagen sourced from sustainable fish scales and skin. There are no harsh chemicals or solvents used in the sourcing of our collagen, and we make sure to use traceable fish products that would have otherwise been discarded. The end result is an odorless, tasteless collagen that easily dissolves in water.

In addition to type 1 marine collagen, we also use peach ceramide to provide hydration to the skin and decrease dryness. Our peach ceramide is naturally derived from Japanese peaches to help promote smooth and radiant skin.

What else can you find in Inner Beauty Collagen? We’ve squeezed in some tapioca fiber to support healthy skin by balancing the gut microbiome, a little superoxide dismutase (SOD) for antioxidant enzymes, and hyaluronic acid to support skin hydration and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. To top it all off, there’s also a dash of Vanilla planifolia oil included. In the end, you have a gluten-free, non-GMO, keto-friendly formula that contains no sugars, artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.

Marine collagen benefits 

So what is marine collagen, and why did we choose fish rather than other sources? Marine collagen is a type 1 collagen that is sourced sustainably and without a negative impact on the environment.
Type 1 collagen is the most common type of collagen found in the human body and plays an important role in bone, skin, and connective tissue. Collagen is naturally produced by the human body, except this ability starts to decrease around the age of 30, which is why collagen supplementation has become such a fan favorite for skin care enthusiasts!

Marine collagen also:
  • Has a better amino acid profile than other types of collagen
  • Is absorbed better by the body
  • Is easier to digest
  • Has a high concentration of glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline, which are the primary agents responsible for stimulating cell regeneration in the skin, hair, and nails

Benefits of Inner Beauty Collagen 

With the highest-quality skin-loving ingredients out there, Inner Beauty Collagen will have you glowing from the inside out in no time—as little as three weeks, actually! You’ll discover additional benefits, such as:
  • Maintaining optimal hydration levels in the cells to reduce the appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles
  • Providing hydration to the skin to reduce dryness
  • Improved smoothness and elasticity
  • Support for healthy skin by balancing the gut microbiome
  • Vitamin C and zinc, which support collagen synthesis for glowing skin

How to use Inner Beauty Collagen 

Inner Beauty Collagen is odorless and flavorless, so you can simply mix it into any beverage of your choice. Add one scoop of Inner Beauty Collagen to 4–8 ounces of liquid and repeat daily. Pair it with your morning tea, your afternoon NingXia Red®, or as part of your post-workout smoothie. Either way, your inner glow will be ready to shine!

What products are part of your skin care routine?

Apples are Nice, but YL-Inspired Teacher’s Gifts are Better!

Apples are Nice, but YL-Inspired Teacher’s Gifts are Better!

Reading, writing, arithmetic—is there anything teachers can’t do? Let’s have some fun and thank them for making the world a better, more educated place.
Crafty, Printables, Teachers, Gift Ideas

Guide to diluting essential oils for kids and babies

Guide to diluting essential oils for kids and babies
When it comes to diluting essential oils for kids, it’s best to stay on the safe side. These essential oil dilution ratios utilizing carrier oils are a great starting point for sharing the many benefits of essential oils with your precious tiny tots. Follow the essential oil blending chart below for our recommendations: Read more...

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