"Phone Finger"
"Phone Finger" 
I have learned to start listening to my body and watching for signs of change. One of the changes I've noticed recently is my pinky finger.  The one I find myself holding my phone with.
With more and more business being done on line. I have found my cell phone has been convenient, easily portable, and for the most part (aside from internet service issues) readily available for helping customers.  
However, I have gotten what I call "Phone Finger", a dip in my pinky where my phone sits and a callus where the charger hole sits.  Noticing this I am thinking about changes I can make this coming year.  

A few small changes I have come up with are:

* limiting my time on the phone and using my laptop more often

* doing more videos verse typing

* using my phone holder stand more often (this one I picked up at our local dollar store for around $5) 

* using the magnet ball holder in our car more often (I believe we found this one at one of the sports stores.) 

* limiting my overall screen time

Does anyone else have this problem? 
What are some ways you are changing things up to avoid this?


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